Capacity:  10 to 32 pax

Duration:  around 3 hours depending on the number of participants

How it Works 

This challenge requires the teams to create a visual masterpiece in the form of a cupcake collage.  


The first step is to come up with a design. Teams will have 5 minutes to brainstorm design ideas related to their organisation, work scope, objectives or interests.  One member of each team will pitch their idea to the whole group. Once all the ideas are heard, a final design is adopted.  From experience, this is usually a combination of ideas pitched by different teams.  Two or more participants will be designated as the design team. The design team will plan and sketch out the design on a whiteboard and allocate sections of the collage to each team. 


While the design is being finalised, the other participants will be assigned as bakers to start making the cupcakes.  An instructor will demonstrate how the cupcakes are to be made and the bakers will whip up the cupcakes


It is then time to decorate the cupcakes with fondant. An instructor will show the participants how to work with fondant.  They will learn how to create colour variations, roll out the fondant and cut out designs using cutters, stencils or by free-hand technique. 


Once all teams complete decorating cupcakes according to assigned portion, all cupcakes will come together and arranged to form “The Big Picture”.  This is one of the most exciting parts of the event as we slowly see your design come together as one.   (Tip:  Record this process with a time-lapse video for a nice memento.)



$60 pp