Customised Team Building and Recreational Events 


Cooking and baking activities in a non work-related environment appeal across all age groups, regardless of experience level.   Food is a universal language and experimentation in the kitchen is a learning activity with delicious pay-offs. Our hands-on activities are designed to ensure every person gets involved, encourage communication and teamwork and excite inquisitive minds.


The studio is strictly maintained as a Halal environment.  All ingredients and equipment can be used by Muslim participants.  The studio is Muslim-owned and managed, so we are committed to only using Halal ingredients in all recipes.  Please contact us at should you have questions or need more information on our Halal commitment. Read our Halal Commitment. 


There are vegetarian options available on many of the menus.  Please inform us if you require vegetarian options to be egg-free, dairy-free, and without onions and garlic.  


Download our full brochure to find out more. 


Should you require further customisation, let us know what you have in mind in terms of:

  • Budget

  • Theme or objective

  • Challenges or competitive elements

  • Special recipes or dietary requirements

  • Grouping of participants

  • Timing and duration of the event

  • Use of studio space before or after the event for meetings or debriefing.


Our quoted fees are inclusive of private use of the studio, instructor/s, all ingredients, use of aprons, packaging material and beverages during the class.  We do not charge GST or service fees.  



Payment can be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer.  We are registered with GeBIZ and will gladly provide e-invoicing for statutory boards and public sector organisations.


Browse our selection below or download the complete brochure. 



Contact us to enquire about availability or to book your session.  

Bake & Dine High-Tea Buffet

This is our most popular workshop! This workshop combines an engaging teambuilding session with a delicious meal.  Participants will work in teams of 3 to 4 members to create a range of sweet and savoury dishes to be shared buffet-style afterwards. 

High Tea Buffet.jpg
Cook & Dine Asian Buffet

This is our most popular cooking workshop! This workshop is designed to combine an engaging teambuilding session with a delicious meal.  Participants will work in teams of 3 to 4 members to create a range of appetizers, main dishes and desserts to be served buffet-style. 

Asian Buffet
Cooking Masterclass

This workshop is good if you like to learn specific cooking skills from an experienced instructor.  This is a good opportunity to pick up cooking tips and techniques while preparing a scrumptious 3-course meal. 

Handmade Pasta.jpg
Mystery Box Challenge

This workshop is suitable for teams who are comfortable in the kitchen and have some experience cooking. It will challenge teams not, only to cook, but also to plan, execute and complete three dishes based on the resources provided.  

Pantry Set-up.jpg
Small Group Events

We will gladly customise a workshop for a smaller group of participants.  Let us know what you would like to learn, the number of participants and the date, and we will provide a proposal.  You can browse our brochure for recipe ideas. 

Unicorn Cupcake.jpg
Bake for Fun

A fun baking experience for novice bakers with recipes that delivers a high success rate and are not stressful to master.  The participants will be guided in a step-by-step manner to produce beautiful and delicious bakes. 

Hokkaido cupcakes made in class today #c
The Big Picture

This challenge requires the teams to create a visual masterpiece in the form of a cupcake collage.  The teams will create their own design, bake and decorate cupcakes and arrange it to form a Big Picture. 

Sentosa Collage.jpg
Baking Masterclass

A fun baking experience for bakers who would like to delve deeper into baking by trying their hand at advanced baking techniques.  This workshop is good for recreational events, where the objective is more on mastering baking skills than on team bonding.  

Chocolate Strawberry Cake.jpg
Bakesale for a Cause

Make your teambuilding session more meaningful by tying it in with Corporate Social Responsibility.  Arrange a bake sale within your organization and donate the proceeds to the charity of your choice.  This teambuilding activity requires additional effort from the team to select beneficiaries, plan a menu, practice selling skills, make and deliver the goods and donate the proceeds.  

Cookie Order.jpg
Ten Reason for Engaging us for your Next Corporate Event
1.  We are experienced

We have been operational for 5 years and hosted more than 100 corporate workshops in 2018 alone. 

4.  We make it delicious

Our tag line is “bake better, cook better, eat better”.  Participants learn proper baking and cooking techniques for tasty results!

7.  We are generous

Workshops that includes dining yield sufficient food for a very satisfying meal.  There are usually leftovers! We believe food is best shared. We gladly provide packaging materials for participants to take their creations home afterwards to share with family and friends.

10.  Participants are not required to wash dishes

You can leave the less pleasant work for us.

2.  We customise

Tell us your ideas or objectives, and we will gladly customise a proposal.

5.  We cater to everyone

We provide a Halal environment that is also beef-free.  We have vegetarian and vegan options available and will gladly customise recipes should you have other dietary needs.

8.  No hidden costs

Our quotations are simple and clear and fully inclusive of everything needed for the workshops.

3.  We make it fun

Besides the cooking or baking activity, we incorporate ice-breaker game and mini-challenges.  We like to keep the atmosphere light-hearted.

6.  We ensure that everyone is engaged

Our activities and recipes are carefully planned so that each person participate hands-on.  This include ensuring sufficient number of ingredient sets and equipment are provided.

9.  We have simple booking and payment procedures

We do not require deposit payments.  Payments can be made on the day of the event.  We gladly issue e-invoices for statutory boards and public sector organisations.