This cake baking course aims to introduce participants to the ingredients and techniques of cake baking.   You will learn how to make a variety of cakes, but more importantly, understand how to work with the ingredients and equipment to achieve desired results. The course consists of 4 lessons and will be delivered through a combination of hands-on baking and demonstrations. 

All recipes in this course are free from chemical emulsifiers, preservatives and artificial flavours. We will be teaching you how to achieve flavourful and soft cakes using good ingredients and proper techniques.

Participants will be working individually to make one full cake per class.  The second cake will be taught through demonstrations.   Participants who have completed the full course will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Advanced Cake Baking Course

  • Not currently scheduled


  • Lesson 1 - Miette Cake (Hands-on)

    1. Double Chocolate Cake 
    2. Strawberry Swiss Meringue Buttercream made with fresh strawberries 
    3. Chocolate Ganache. 
    4. Assembling a 6-layered cake, decorating and drip ganache 


    Lesson 2 - Light Mousse Cakes:  Mango Mousse Cake and Strawberry Charlotte Cake 

    1. Strawberry Charlotte Cake (Hands-on)
      • Sponge cake and sponge fingers
      • Strawberry mousse 
      • Assembling and decorating a Charlotte cake 
    2. Mango Mousse Cake (Demo)
      • Vanilla Sponge
      • Mango Mousse
      • Orange Syrup 
      • Assembling and decorating with fresh fruit 


    Lesson 3 - Chocolate Delights:  Chocolate Mousse Cake and Russian Black and White Cake 

    1.  Chocolate Mousse Cake (Demo)
      • Chocolate Sponge Cake 
      • Dark Chocolate Fudge
      • White Chocolate Mousse
      • Chocolate Mirror Glaze 
      • Chocolate decor work 
    2. Russian Black and White Cake (Hands-on)
      • Chocolate Sponge Cake 
      • Dark Chocolate Fudge
      • Coffee Cheese Mousse
      • Assembling to achieve a checkerboard effect 


    Lesson 4 - Persian Pistachio and Rose Cake and Tiramisu Cake 

    1. Persian Pistachio and Rose Cake (Hands-on)
      • Pistachio Jaconde Sponge
      • Raspberry Gelee
      • Mascarpone Rose Mousse 
      • Assembling and decorating a multi-component cake 
    2. Tiramisu Cake (Demo)
      • Jaconde Sponge with decor pattern
      • Coffee Syrup
      • Mascarpone Mousse
      • Assembling and decorating using wrap method 


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