Capacity:  10 to 32 pax

Duration:  around 2 hours for cooking and 1 hour for dining depending on number of participants

How it Works


This workshop is suitable for participants who are comfortable in the kitchen and have some experience cooking.  It will challenge participants not only to cook, but also to plan, execute and complete dishes based on the resources provided. Participants will work in teams with 3 to 4 members per team.  Each team will receive a box with 15 ingredients including proteins, vegetables and fruits.  They will also have access to the pantry stocked with condiments and staples.  Each team have to prepare three dishes.  The teams will have access to the full range of cooking equipment and utensils. 


Instructor/s will be available throughout the session to provide guidance and assistance where required.  After the challenge, participants share and enjoy a meal together to further strengthen their bond as a corporate team.   The teams will be scored for the quality of the dishes, creativity and innovativeness, teamwork, utilisation of ingredients and cleanliness and hygiene. 



$85 pp for a 3-course meal