About Us


Nestled among shop-houses along Simon Road, the Studio offers a neat and bright setting fully equipped for hands-on delivery of baking and cooking classes.   The Studio is committed to maintaining a Halal environment.  Make sure to taste and smell the fresh herbs on the patio garden when you visit. 


Cecilia Mardianah Hough is at the realm of the culinary and baking classes.  She has been delivering culinary classes for more than 12 years.  Trained in classic European cuisine, Cecilia had worked in restaurants and hotels in South Africa before bringing her knives, knowledge and passion on board the cruiser Queen Elizabeth II to gain international exposure.


Approaching cooking and baking with the philosophy of Simple, Fresh and Natural, Cecilia focuses on equipping participants with basic skills and knowledge to turn a recipe into really good tasting food.  From here comes our tagline "bake better, cook better, eat better." 


“I keep my ingredients simple, fresh and natural.  I believe cooking and baking should not require spending hours in the kitchen.  Natural to me means free from artificial additives and packed with fresh ingredients.  The quality of a dish or a bake lies not in complicated techniques of cooking and baking, but more importantly, the freshness of ingredients and the simple but skilful preparation methods.”


Cecilia has also provided consultancy services for television and media productions, including Family Cook Off, HealthyMeTV and Food for Life. 


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