The time has come to move on to new adventures! I am closing the studio at Simon Road and in the process of clearing the space! 


What a ride it has been! After seven and a half years and through many challenges both in business and personal, it is time to move in a different direction! Although I am sad to say goodbye, for now, I am incredibly proud of everything done in the studio! The overflow of creativity, fun, laughter, support, and love shared in the studio will be with me forever!  All I can say is thank you!  Thank you for all the generous support that I have received through the years!  How lucky am I to have so many people walk in as strangers and walk out as friends! 


Love you all! 


Moving Out Sale is now closed! Thank you for your support! 

Enjoy Cecilia's Baking Classes on Youtube

We are adding new tutorials to our Youtube channel every few days.  Learn how to bake muffins, cakes, and cookies at home.  Plenty of recipes to make with the children during the school holidays too! 


Go to Chantilly CS Youtube Channel

Online Courses

We are in the process of developing our Online Baking School.  Check out our first course that is available free of charge.  Watch this space for more to come! 


Learn how to make Nutella Tarts


Thank you for dropping by Chantilly Culinary Studio. Stay for a while and discover more about our culinary workshops and event hosting. 


Our bright and sunny studio is a perfect venue for corporate events.  We have hosted many team building events over the years and have the facility and variety of menus to satisfy your team's needs. Whether you are working on a one-time team building workshop or looking for a long-term partner for your corporate recreational activities, let us be part of your team. Explore here to find out more about our Corporate Events!


We welcome students of all ages to experience the pleasure of creating a dish in our studio.  The studio provides a conducive environment for children, teens and young adults to pick up culinary skills and to gain a better understanding of where our food comes from.  Contact us to customise a learning event for your students.  


With our extensive experience as culinary instructors, you can trust us to teach you how to bake a flavourful cake, scrumptious bread or crisp pastries.  Browse through our selection of baking classes and courses to find something that will bring out your inner chef.  


What set's us apart is our ability to customise events based on your specific requirements, interests and objectives.  The easiest way to start is by dropping us an email with information on what you are planning.  Hope to work with you soon.